About Coble & Urenovitch, LLC

"Our philosophy is to offer people the best service possible, so we don't carry huge caseloads,"he said. "And we try to be affordable, so especially in cases like bankruptcy, we can spread payments out over time." - Joseph Urenovitch

Aggressive, flexible and affordable are some of the hallmarks of Whitehouse's only law firm. Unlike many larger, more specialized firms, Coble & Urenovitch provides legal services for:

~ Bankruptcy ~ Criminal defense ~ Traffic and DUI ~ Juvenile defense

~ Real Estate / zoning ~ Probate and Wills ~ Personal injury ~ Divorce

"If it's something we don't think we can give our best service, we'll refer our clients to someone we trust," Urenovitch said. For instance, the firm will handle probate cases, but in those involving more complicated tax issues, clients will be referred to a larger firm with more resources.

For criminal cases, Coble & Urenovitch will do its own investigating but also hire investigators when needed. The free initial consultations are in line with the firm's philosophy of "we don't start charging until we start doing,". Sometimes clients will ask to represent themselves, so he will steer them toward paperwork and steps needed to do so.

Coble & Urenovitch, LLC

Joe Urenovitch,
6778 B Providence Street
Whitehouse, Ohio 43571
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